I am Willow, Xander’s wife. We are happily married and committed to having the best marriage we can. A few years ago (after about ten years of a normal “vanilla” marriage) we included D/s (dominance and submission) and DD (domestic discipline) to the way we interact. After two years of exploring this leading and supportive dynamic, the ground beneath our feet shifted again. After some adult fun in the bedroom where I was his “little pleasure slave”, we wanted to go significantly deeper in our journey of submission and domination. In private, Xander now calls me his “slave girl” and I address him as “Master”. (How this is or isn’t a (BDSM) Master/slave dynamic is not a question that keeps me up at night, but if it’s something that interests my readers, I might write about it in a future blog post.)

Our D/s “tools” include submission exercises, spanking, and “bedroom” domination which includes edging and orgasm denial. As to the last two, I found these really help to put me in a submissive and “eager to please” state of mind, so it’s a good thing for us.
(I’m pretty sure there’ll be some blog posts about that in the future. But for now, it was either leave these for later or never putting this blog “live”.)

This blog contains mainly my reflections on submission, D/s and DD, what is happening between us, and how that affects me and us. I write this to understand myself and us better, so I might become a better wife and submissive to my husband. I share it because I hope to connect with and help others on their journey through the wonderful, exciting and often messy landscape of a loving, committed D/s or DD relationship. That much said, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything but my own marriage, and even there, not every day.

I am happy to correspond with other submissives and dominants who mind their manners and behave like the adults they have to be if they’re reading this blog to begin with.

Because for most of us this lifestyle is a very private affair, just the knowledge one isn’t alone with a particular thought or problem or question can be a relief. So please do consider posting messages, questions or comments publicly before you write privately to me – what you think may be the catalyst for someone else’s journey, but only if they can read it, too.

My husband is the only one in whom I’m interested and to whom I am submissive. Advances, explicit, abusive, pointless, or disrespectful messages will be deleted.

Because of the nature of this blog, all comments are moderated. Dissenting comments are welcome as long as they are respectful and relevant.